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OP Blackwater


OP Blackwater is an one-day event filled with fun and intense action. The event features two main sides: Team Red and Team Blue. Each team is led by a HQ commander who maintains direct communication with the Squad Leaders. The Squad Leader holds the responsibility of keeping their squad informed about the ongoing missions. Prepare yourself for intense battles and challenging missions throughout the event.

1 Day Event

OP BLACKWATER is an exhilarating one-day event that kicks off on Saturday from 09:45 AM until 4:00 PM, This action-packed Airsoft experience is meticulously designed to keep participants fully engaged throughout the entire duration.



The event will feature two sides: Team Red and Team Blue. Participants from each side will be easily identifiable by wearing color bands. As a result, there is no specific dress code required for this event.


The event will unfold within the abandoned confines of a military facility nestled in Lenti, Hungary. This unique location boasts a remarkable blend of multiple storage buildings and dense wooden areas across its sprawling terrain. In the realm of Milsim adventures, it stands as an unparalleled gem, offering participants a truly one-of-a-kind experience found nowhere else in Europe.